Master your edges to power your journey

At Infinite Edge and Power we offer a unique skills development system to take your hockey skills to the next level. We welcome all skill levels, but those that excel have an exceptionally strong desire to achieve peak performance. Our comprehensive system encompasses power skating, edge control, stick handling, off-ice training, and personalized mentorship.

Our Common Goals

At the heart of our program lies a strong emphasis on technical edgework precision to drive speed, movement, power, and creativity on the ice that can be executed in high-stress game situations. We believe creating an environment that enhances a player’s edgework awareness maximizes potential and success.

Through our power skating and edge control program, we refine your skating technique and challenge your edges to push you out of your comfort zone. Our stick handling sessions build upon fundamentals that inspire creative puck control skills to maneuver through any on-ice game situation. Off-ice training complements your on-ice performance, building strength, endurance, and overall athleticism.

Our program goes beyond just physical training. Our mentorship component provides personalized guidance and support throughout your journey. We are working with people, not just hockey players. 

What They Say About Me?

Our Programs

Edge Work

Precision in every glide, mastering the art of edge work for superior on-ice control.

Power Skating

Unleash speed, agility, and power with our advanced power skating techniques.

Dry Land

Elevate your game off the ice with tailored conditioning, speed development, and hip mobility exercises.

Stick Handling

Unlock creative puck control skills through dynamic stick handling sessions for on-ice mastery.

Empower Your Hockey Journey

Join us and embark on a transformative journey where attention to detail, technical excellence, accountability, and the drive for perfection pave the way to unlocking your true capabilities. Together, we will empower you to thrive in high-stress on-ice situations to achieve greatness.
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